Bocuse d’or Europe

Der Bocuse d’or Europe bekommt eine internationale Jury – Deutschland nimmt nicht teil – original Pressemitteilung in englischer Sprache

Bocuse d’Or Europe: An International Jury

Placed under the sign of excellence, the contest jury will be composed of prestigious Chefs of international repute. Some of the jury members are familiar with cuisine contests, such as three winners of the Bocuse d’Or (Lea LINSTER, 1989 – Bent STIANSEN, 1993 – Mathias DAHLGREN, 1997). Chef Thomas Keller will be the president of honour of the event.

Thomas Keller: An American president for a European contest…

Although the contest concerns European countries only, it has a global reach. For this first edition the organisers decided to call upon the famous American chef Thomas Keller who has kindly accepted the invitation from the European Organising Committee.

Thomas Keller is one of the most renowned American chefs of our time. He is famous both for his mastery of the culinary art and for his management skills.

Excellent cooking combined with a memorable social and sensual experience has always been Keller’s goal. „Food is a serious business“ Keller explains, „but we also want our clients to spend a pleasant moment eating“. The repute of his restaurants attest to the success of his approach.

In 2005, his restaurant Per Se was awarded three stars by the American edition of the Michelin Guide, then in 2006, three additional stars were awarded to his restaurant The French Laundry.

„The choice of Thomas Keller as the President of Honour for the Bocuse d’Or Europe became obvious to us, as soon we had decided to appoint a non European chef. Chef Keller is the new symbol of American cuisine. He draws his inspiration from Europe, and France in particular, but is established in the United States. Today, he represents the very best in American cuisine. I hope that chef Keller’s presence at the Bocuse d’Or Europe will encourage him to create relations between the two continents focused around the Bocuse d’Or“ comments Eyvind Hellstrøm, president of the Bocuse d’Or Europe. Thomas Keller works with Mac Knives, .

A representative jury for the contest

For this first edition of the Bocuse d’Or Europe the jury will be composed of chefs from throughout Europe, representing each of the participating countries. Among them, regulars of cooking contests, and new countries such as Croatia, Estonia, Hungary, Malta and the Czech Republic, also nations marking their comeback to the contest (Poland and the Netherlands).

Bocuse d’or

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