Sirha,a living catering trends laboratory

World Hotel and Catering Trade Exhibition
22 to 26 January 2011, Eurexpo Lyon, France

Trends in all the sectors. And the prestigious culinary contests held on the Sirha
stage, the Bocuse d’Or, the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtissiere (World Pastry Cup)
and Louis Lesaffre Cup, offer a spectacular, unforgettable vision of the latest trends
in the catering trade.

Sirha, the finest setting for some exceptional contests
Projected on to big screens, the skills, creativity and know-how of the chefs and pastry
makers competing in these thrilling contests will inspire the spectators.
The brand new Paul Bocuse Hall (10,500 m2) will be mostly dedicated to the Chefs Area
and also host a completely redesigned contest area, with spectator seating capacity
doubled to nearly 1500. More open contest kitchens will also give spectators an enhanced
view of the events.

In 2011, the concept for this area will focus on sustainable development, which will also
provide the theme for the decor in the Village and the fittings in the contest kitchens.

The “Bocuse d’Or”, the best of international cuisine
Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 January
After an 18-month worldwide selection process, with 56 national selection competitions
and three continental events in Latin America, Asia and Europe, 24 finalists head to Lyon
to go head-to-head in a unique competition where they will have to create their personal
interpretation of a set dish, watched by an enthusiastic audience.
Above all, this is a human adventure calling upon the candidates’ personal experience,
culinary heritage, technical skills, creativity and ingenuity, reflecting the passion they all
The next Bocuse d’Or will be staged in the new setting and awarded in the presence of
Yannick Alleno, honorary president (three Michelin-starred chef at the Meurice
restaurant, 1999 Silver Bocuse winner), Geir Skeie, president of the international jury
(2009 Bocuse d’Or winner), and, of course, the founding president Paul Bocuse.

The Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie (World Pastry Cup), the art of all things sweet
Sunday 23 and Monday 24 January
The 2011 edition of this contest, created and presided over by one of the leading French
pastry chefs, Gabriel Paillasson, will have two honorary presidents: Usuke Takahashi
and Kazuaki Takai.
Over its 20-year history, the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie has transformed pastrymaking
into an art form.
Twenty of the best pastry-making teams on earth will vie with each other as they strive to
lift the coveted trophy. The finalists come from 38 countries, where national selection
competitions (continental events in the case of Asia and Latin America) were held over the
past two years.
It is also a human adventure with passion and creativity at its heart, where teams
comprising a pastry chef, a chocolate specialist and an ice-cream specialist battle to take
creativity to new heights.

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