Bocuse d’or 2010 Europe

In Geneva, Rasmus KOFOED Restaurant Geranium (Copenhagen) brings the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2010 to Denmark

As part of the first edition of Gourmet in Geneva, Presided over by triple‐starred Swiss
chef Philippe Rochat, on June 7 & 8, twenty European chefs have rivalled in imagination,
virtuosity and skill in order to become Bocuse d’Or Europe 2010, open door for the grand
final of the Bocuse d’Or, which will take place on January 25 & 26, 2011, in Lyon (France),
during the Sirha.

For the second edition of the Bocuse d’Or Europe, great gastronomic countries like Germany,
Austria and Belgium have come back on the competition, together with new promising countries
on the international scene like Estonia, Croatia, Malta, Hungary, and Poland. Moreover Slovakia
Republic has entered for the first time the competition.

Working in 18 m² contest kitchens set up facing the public, 20 chefs took up the challenge to
create two perfect dishes within 5 hrs 35 minutes, using the official products of the Bocuse d’Or
Europe 2010: a meat dish, with Swiss Veal and a fish dish, with Sterling white halibut.
Following a completely new show with The Symphonic Orchestra Bande‐son, conducted by Marc
Demierre, and Fabrice Martin, four times World champion of tap dancing, and his company, the
ceremony for the presentation of the prizes took place on June 8th 2010 in the presence of Paul
Bocuse, President‐founder of the event, Frédy Girardet, Honorary President, Philippe Rochat,
President, and Daniel Boulud, President of the jury.

The Bocuse d’Or Europe 2010 winners are:
1 ‐ Rasmus KOFOED, Restaurant Geranium (Kovenhavn) representing
Denmark is the winner of the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2010 and is presented with
€12,000 in prize money.
2 ‐ Gunnar HVARNES, Restaurant Hos Ingrid (Stavanger) representing
Norway, achieved the second place and was presented with the Bocuse d’Argent
Europe 2010 and with €9,000 in prize money.
3 ‐ Jérôme JAEGLE, Restaurant Têtedoie (Lyon) representing France,
achieved the third place and was presented with the Bocuse de Bronze Europe 2010
and with €6,000 in prize money.

Special Prize for the Fish dish: Tommy MYLLYMÄKI, Sweden
Special Prize for the Meat dish: Simon HULSTONE, United Kingdom
Prize for the best Commis, awarded by the Bocuse d’Or Winners Academy, with Bent
Stiansen, to Cécile PANCHAUD, Suisse.

Bocuse d’Or, on 25 & 26 January 2011, in Lyon (France):
12 countries selected for the Bocuse d’Or finals
Among the 20 chefs who competed for the Bocuse d’Or Europe 2010, only the best twelve are
selected for participation in the Bocuse d’Or 2011:
1. Denmark ‐ Rasmus KOFOED      7. Switzerland – Franck GIOVANNINI
2. Norway – Gunnar HVARNES         8. Iceland – Brainn Freyr VIGFUSSON
3. France – Jérôme JAEGLE             9. Spain – Juan Andrés RODRIGUEZ MORILLA
4. United Kingdom – Simon HULSTONE 10. Netherlands – Marco POLDEVAART
5. Sweden – Tommy MYLLYMÄKI     11. Germany – Ludwig HEER
6. Finland – Matti JÄMSEN               12. Poland – Rafal JELEWSKI

In the presence of Freddy Thielemans, mayor of Brussels, the International Organisation Committee announced that the third Bocuse d’Or Europe will take place in Brussels (Belgium), in the first half of 2012. Bocuse d’Or Europe 2012 President will be Peter Goossens, who is President of The Belgian Bocuse d’Or Academy.
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