Sergio Herman schliesst das Oud Sluis

Einer der besten Köche der Welt, Sergio Herman schließt zum Jahresende sein 3 Sterne Restaurant – damit ist der Weg zu neuen Taten freigemacht! Es bleibt spannend!

Lesen Sie ein Interview von Mara Grimm zu Hermans Beweggründen

Sergio Herman always said he would close Oud Sluis on a high note. That time has come. On 22 December 2013, the Dutch chef will close the doors of his three-star restaurant: ‘I can’t wait to start from scratch’ says Herman.

You’ve always said you wanted to end things at Oud Sluis on a high note. How do you know this is right time?

I’ve literally and figuratively reached my peak at Oud Sluis. I’ve spent years refining flavours and perfecting dishes and now feel that I’m at the top of my abilities here; I don’t think I can achieve a higher level of cooking with Oud Sluis. The lack of available physical space is also a barrier. Right now, there are 18 of us working in the kitchen – we have to fight for every bit of space and that can be very frustrating. So even if I wanted to, there’s no way to expand. That’s why it’s time to close up and let go. I look forward to focusing on new, fresh projects.

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