Städtereisen zu Silvester

Wo ist es günstig, wo ist es teuer? Amsterdam zu 96%, Berlin zu 93% und Wien 91% ausgebucht – engl. Mitteilung

Hotel search engine,, announced its data on pricing and availability for Dec. 31, 2014, for the top 15 New Year’s Eve destination cities around the world. Additional information was also available for Amsterdam, Berlin, and Vienna; these cities had some of the highest hotel room occupancy rates on New Year’s Eve this year. The results of Hoteloogle’s research were interesting and demonstrate the value of a reliable hotel search engine in finding the best deals during high season holidays and at any time of year.

Amsterdam came first in highest occupancy rate with 96% of its hotel rooms fully booked. The cheapest available 5-star hotel room was priced at $265.
Berlin and Vienna took the second and third spots for highest occupancy rate with 93% in Berlin and 91% for Vienna.
The city with the cheapest room rate for a 5-star hotel was in Shanghai priced at only US $27, while Tokyo’s cheapest 5-star hotel room went for $446.

Overall, 71% of Dubai and New York hotels were fully booked for New Year’s Eve.

Sydney and Paris both topped that figure with 89%, other occupancy figures show Tokyo at 88%, and Rome at 85%.

The cheapest 5-star hotel room in London was $187, $100 in Madrid, $121 in Rome, and just $63 in Istanbul.

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