William Chee Hwa TAN

Wir stellen Ihnen alle 24 Kandidaten des wichtigsten Kochwettbewerb der Welt, dem Bocuse d’or (23.-24. Januar 2007) vor. Hier der Kandidat aus Singapure, William Chee Hwa Tan . (englisch)

Fullerton Hotel, Singapore
1996 : Conrad International Centennial Singapore (Chef de partie)
1999 : Raffles Town Club (Chef de partie)
2000 : Norwest International Hotel, at Sydney (Chef de partie)
2004 : The Fullerton Singapore (Sous-chef)

In the beginning…

It was a summer job that opened the doors of catering to
William Chee Hwa Tan : working part-time in a hotel, he was fascinated
by the dishes prepared by the chefs in the kitchen.
Upon leaving school he made the choice to pursue a culinary
career, and successfully climbed the career ladder through successive
jobs. He always uses the freshest ingredients to create
compositions full of flavours and interesting textures.

Preparation for the Bocuse d’Or

Winner of the Singapore shortlist, Wiliam Chee Hwa Tan is proud to have been
given this opportunity to ” represent my country in such a prestigious competition”.
He believes that this event will bring a new dimension to his culinary
career and prepares for the event by rehearsing his recipe each week. He has
also travelled to Norway to seek advice from Hellstrøm.

Outside the kitchen

When he can get away from his kitchen, Wiliam Chee Hwa Tan likes to wander
around bookshops, browsing through cookbooks so as to keep up with culinary
trends. He also likes to go to the cinema from time to time.

Between us…

The candidate speaks
English and Mandarin
What his mother thinks of
his cooking:
” I don’t know… I’ve
never had a chance to
cook for her. But she
respects my work and
remains my biggest fan”
If he were to be a food,
he would be…
” a truffle, because the
extraordinary aroma of
truffles fascinates
connoisseurs. “

His commis

Lau Chang Yung wishes to participate in the Bocuse d’Or competition for several reasons : to assess his
level, test his physical and mental capacities, further his knowledge by meeting international chefs… and,
above all, to meet Paul Bocuse and be photographed alongside him.

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