Töte es, koch es, iss es

TV-Show: Töte es, koch es, iss es

Vom 5. bis 7. März 2007 zeigt das britische Fernsehen BBC Three im Abendprogramm eine Show unter dem Titel „Kill it, Cook it, Eat it“ (Töte es, koch es, iss es). In jeder der drei Sendungen wird das Leben eines Tieres vom Feld bis auf den Teller gezeigt. Im Schlachthaus wird zudem ein Team bestehend aus Vegetariern und Fleisch essenden Konsumenten zugegen sein und der Schlachtung beiwohnen. Ebenfalls wird gezeigt, wie ein Metzger den Schlachtkörper zerlegt und dabei die verschiedenen Fleischstücke erklärt. Schliesslich wird ein Koch mit dem Fleisch Menus zubereiten, wobei die Zuschauer eingeladen sind, das zubereitete Fleisch zu kosten. Im Zentrum der Sendung steht gemäss der britischen Agrarzeitschrift „Farmers Weekly“ die Antwort auf die Frage, ob sich das Essverhalten der Konsumenten verändern wird, nachdem sie den gesamten Schlachtprozess eines Tieres miterlebt haben. (Quelle: www.landwirtschaft.ch )


Frankreich gewinnt Käsepreis

FRANCE: Winner of the second International Caseus Award
When Cheese becomes a Star

24 cheese professionals, working in 12 cheese shops throughout the world, pitted their skills against each other in teams of two in the International Caseus Award contest. An event promoting quality and products bearing Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), that aims to present to a large public the specific know-how of master cheese-makers and also the best cheeses in the world. A surprising event, featuring tests involving cutting, tasting, selling, preparing… of cheeses.

This surprising contest was created two years ago by Hervé Mons. It is financed with the participation of the European Union, the Office de l’Elevage et des professionnels laitiers (the Livestock and Dairy Professional Association) through the CNAOL [Conseil National des Appellations d’Origine Laitières (National Committee for Dairy PDO)] via CIDIL (Centre Inter-profession Centre for Documentation and Dairy).

The International Caseus Award took place on January 20th as part of the Sirha (International Hotel Catering and Food Trade Exhibition), in Lyon, (Lyon-Eurexpo venue).

The winning team of the second edition of the International Caseus Award is FRANCE
Rodolphe LE MEUNIER and Bernard MURE-RAVAUD have won a Gold trophy, a four-day stay in a French region producing Dairy Products bearing Protected Designation of Origin, also a set of cheese knives.

The team that achieved second place is BELGIUM. Damien AVALOSSE and Yannick MICHEL have won a Silver Trophy, a three-day stay in a French region producing Dairy Products bearing Protected Designation of Origin, also a set of cheese knives.

The team that achieved third place is ITALY. Maero Ivano GIACOMO and Renato BRANCALEONI have won the Bronze trophy, a three-day stay in a French region producing Dairy Products bearing Protected Designation of Origin, also a set of cheese knives.


Wir stellen Ihnen alle 24 Kandidaten des wichtigsten Kochwettbewerb der Welt, dem Bocuse d’or (23.-24. Januar 2007) vor. Hier der Kandidat aus Schweden, Markus Aujalay. (englisch)

Five years with Stephano Catenacci, at Operakällaren
Three years with Melker Andersson, winner of the Bocuse d’Argent
(Silver) in 1995
Three years with Danyel Couet at Fredgatan 12
He has also taken courses with Kommandanten, at Copenhague, with
Bruneau, at Bruxelles and with Martin Berasategui, at San Sebastian.
Finally he won the prizes of „Green“ Chef and Venison Chef in 2000,
and was named Chef of the Year in 2004.

In the beginning…

Markus Aujalay’s grandmother on his mother’s side taught him
domestic skills, and it was under her wing that, at a very early
age, he took his first steps in cooking. So young, in fact, that he
was still very small when he announced to those who would listen
to him that he was going to become a chef.
Later, he became a commis to earn some pocket money, then
studied at the school of hotel management in Uppsala, where
he was born.
Following this, the young cook travelled throughout Europe to
learn the tricks of the trade from renowned chefs. He has retained
two basic principles „simplicity and good taste“, which he
applies on a daily basis.

Preparation for the Bocuse d’Or

Although Markus Aujalay is currently looking to open his own restaurant, it doesn’t
mean that he’s leaving the competition behind him. Since participating in
the Bocuse d’Or in 2005, his only desire has been to return. In terms of training
for the event, he has only one thing to say: cook, cook, and cook.

Outside the kitchen

When not cooking, this Swedish candidate spends time with his family. He is 35 years old and has three
children aged five, four and one.

Between us…

The candidate speaks
Swedish and English
What his mother thinks of
his cooking:
“ She loves it! „p>

His Commis

From Strasbourg to Chamonix, via Stockholm and Bray, in Great Britain, Oskar Petterson has passed
through the most famous restaurants. Recommended to Markus Aujalay by a former Bocuse d’Or prizewinner,
he believes that the competition will open doors for him and allow him to meet new people.

Markus Aujalay works with Global knives.