Bocuse d’or 2017- Ergebnisse

Bester Commis: Frankreich
Bester veganer Teller: Frankreich
Beste Fleischplatte: Ungarn
Bronze: Island
Silber: Norwegen
Gold:  USA

Herzlichen Glückwunsch allen Gewinnern!
Hier die offizielle Pressemitteilung:

USA wins the 30th Bocuse d’Or

Among the 24 participating countries selected for the grand finale of the Bocuse d’Or The United States imposed their supremacy in Lyon after 5 hours and 35 minutes of tests. Created in 1987 by Paul Bocuse, the most prestigious cooking contest in the world celebrated its 30th anniversary this year.

Chef Mathew Peters masterfully composed with the two imposed tests: “Bresse chicken with shellfish” presented on a tray with two accompaniments and a “vegetal dish” served on a plate highlighting vegetables.


Bocuse d’Or: USA

In first place, Mathew Peters, from restaurant Per Se (New York) representing United States won the Bocuse d’Or and 20,000 euros in prize money.
United States now total 2 podiums. After Years of relentless quest, Team USA wins a
well deserved 1st place, after the 2nd place reached in 2015.

Silver Bocuse: Norway

In second place, William Davidsen, chef of 3 restaurants (Trondheim) representing Norway, won the Silver Bocuse and 15,000 euros in prize money.
Norway now has a history of 10 podiums including 5 Bocuse d’Or. The country confirms its incredible regularity in the first places and takes once gain its cuisine to the highest level on the international scene.

Bronze Bocuse: Iceland

In third place, Viktor Andrésson, chef au restaurant Grillio du Radisson Blu Saga (Reykjavik) won the Bronze Bocuse and 10,000 euros in prize money.
Iceland now totals 2 podiums. Regularly placed in the top of the ranking, the country comes back on the podium after a 3rd place in 2001.

The three winners have the privilege to integrate the prestigious Bocuse d’Or Winners Association.


Prize for the Best Commis: Benjamin Vakanas, France Special Vegetal plate prize: France
Special Plate Prize: Hungary
Prize for the best Promotion Campaign: Australia Prize for the best Poster : Hungary

Die Ergebnisse des Bocuse d’or 2017


Bocuse d’or 

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