Bocuse d’Or Europe

Bocuse d’Or Europe: Europe’s top cooking competition is back for more
The 20 participating countries are now known!
on 20 and 21 March 2012, at Horeca Life, in Brussels
Last January, at Sirha in Lyon, France, the culinary world experienced a revolution: for the first time, Scandinavian nations walked off with the top three places in the world’s leading culinary competition. Will this dominance continue? Can new countries threaten the Nordic supremacy? These and other questions should be answered at least in part by Bocuse d’Or Europe, to be held during Brusselicious, the 2012 Year of Gastronomy and as part of Horeca Life.
On 20 and 21 March next, 20 talented chefs from all over Europe will face one another to compete for the Bocuse d’Or Europe title and aim to figure among the top 12 qualifying places for the final of Bocuse d’Or 2013.
This year, the competition will be presided over by Peter Goossens, one of Belgium’s best chefs, and under the honorary presidency of Alex Atala, a well-known Brazilian chef.
20 countries selected and a newcomer: Bulgaria
A culinary reference worldwide, the Bocuse d’Or is famous for highlighting tremendous talent like no other event can. It is also a prestigious show, bringing together technical skills and creativity.
A key step towards reaching the world final of the Bocuse d’Or, which will take place on 29 and 30 January 2013 in Lyon, under Sirha, the Bocuse d’Or Europe is an opportunity to discover emerging culinary trends in each of the participating countries.
Dedicated to broadening the horizons of the haute-cuisine community, each edition benefits from adding new countries. In 2012, Bulgaria will participate for the first time in the European selection.
Meanwhile, Luxembourg and the Czech Republic will be returning to the competition.




Czech Republic




United Kingdom













A prestigious jury
For its third edition, the Bocuse d’Or Europe will be presided over by Peter Goossens. Alex Atala will be Honorary President.
Alex Atala is the young chef at the D.O.M. in Sao Paulo and today considered to be one of the most creative chefs. The Bocuse d’Or Europe will serve as a kind of reunion with the nation that saw him take his first steps in cooking. For he was just 18 years old when, on his arrival in Europe, he enrolled in a hotel and catering school of management in Belgium, before honing his skills alongside the Brussels chef Jean-Pierre Bruneau.
The Bocuse d’Or Europe, a major event at Brusselicious 2012
With Brusselicious, Year of Gastronomy, Brussels-Capital Region has decided to celebrate the culinary arts, in all their forms.
From the product to the plate, and from chefs to food fans, 2012 will be punctuated by several unique events celebrating gastronomy. Without doubt, the Bocuse d’Or Europe will be a defining moment of Brusselicious, itself a highly original event.

Terence Conran plant Albion-Kette

Der Design-Papst der 80er und 90er Jahre, gleichzeitig Möbel- und Restaurant-Unternehmer, plant sein Albion Café-Konzept zu einer Kette auszubauen. Die Rede ist von einem britischen Carluccio’s.

Er hat jüngst drei Mietverträge unterzeichnet und dabei seine Pläne kund getan. Insgesamt will er 15 Mio. Pfund investieren. Albion (Pilotstore in Shoreditch) sei so ein überragender Erfolg, dass er ganz einfach müsse. „If you look at Albion it is in many ways a British version of Carluccio’s with a small shop and a café. But it makes bread instead of pasta and has well known British dishes on the menu. It is also a bit cheaper with an average spend of £10 to £12.“

Sir Terence Conran hat Anfang des Jahres in Shoreditch ein erstes Albion Café eröffnet und gleichzeitig ein zweites Restaurant der Formel Boundary. Beide zusammen erlösten an dem Standort wöchentlich 100.000 £, so die Auskunft. via

Sebastian Conrans Chefsmesser gibt es hier:

Alle Sterne-Restaurants in Kopenhagen

Alle aktuellen Sternerestaurants in Kopenhagen, mit kurzer Vorstellung und Kontaktadressen (in englischer Sprache) – Kopenhagen hat genauso viele SterneRestaurants wie Rom, Madrid oder Brüssel!

Copenhagen’s new Michelin stars

Seasoned visitors to Copenhagen have known it for years, but the news that the latest Michelin Guide has awarded nine stars to the city’s restaurants, the same amount of stars as Rome, Madrid and Brussels, has confirmed that Copenhagen continues as the number one food-lover’s destination in Scandinavia. Copenhagen has now eight restaurants with one star and one restaurant with two stars.

The 2007 edition of the renowned foody’s bible, the French Michelin Guide, has awarded a total of nine stars to Copenhagen restaurants, which means that the city now boasts more Michelin stars than any other city in Scandinavia. In fact, the Danish capital has more starred restaurants than you will find in any of the other Scandinavian capitals in Sweden, Norway or Finland.

Michelin stars

Danish cuisine as a whole has changed radically over the past twenty years, blending southern European influences with the richness of Denmark’s natural produce, such as its traditionally excellent dairy produce, its quality, organic fruit and vegetables and, of course, the raw ingredients from its surrounding waters.

This change has been led by Copenhagen’s restaurants, which, over the last decade in particular, have begun to be recognised by top food writers, gourmets and gourmands from around the world.

The new Michelin-starred restaurants are smaller and owned by younger people who work in the kitchens themselves or as waiters.

Restaurants with Michelin stars are:

Noma based in a converted 19th century warehouse beside the harbour in Christianshavn. With experience of working in some of the world’s finest restaurants (including The French Laundry in California; El Bulli in Spain), Noma’s chef, René Redzepi, has returned to Copenhagen where he now blends the most exciting contemporary techniques with the finest Nordic ingredients sourced from as far away as Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. A hot tip for the future. In 2005 Noma achieved their first star, and in 2007 a second star was added.
Noma (**stars)
Nordatlantisk Brygge
Tel.: +45 3296 3297

Ensemble in Tordenskjoldsgade run by chefs Morten Schou and Niklaj Egebøl-Jensen. There is one menu, which is changed every fortnight using Danish prime ingredients adding international specialities so that traditional Danish dishes ‚as our mothers made them‘ reach a higher and more refined level.
Ensemble (*star)
11, Tordenskjoldsgade
Tel.: +45 3311 3352

The Paul in Tivoli, named after and run by Paul Cunningham. His culinary ambition is to offer guests an intense gastronomic experience, and with a CV that includes stints at some of Denmark’s most renowned temples of gastronomy – including Søllerød Kro – that is guaranteed every time you dine there.
The Paul (*star)
3, Vesterbrogade
Tel.: +45 3375 0775

Formel B, a highly acclaimed Modern Scandinavian restaurant in the Frederiksberg area of town, is the city’s third restaurant to win a new star in 2006. The restaurant’s six-course menu ranks among the very best in Copenhagen, if not Scandinavia, as does its simple but luxurious interior.
Formel B (*star)
182 ,Vesterbrogade
Tel.: +45 3325 1066

Furthermore you have Kong Hans, a modern Franco-Danish cellar restaurant housed in one of the city’s oldest buildings.
Kong Hans Kælder (*star)
6, Vingårdsstræde
Tel.: +45 3311 6868

Era Ora’s multi-course feasts, and meticulous attention to detail (they fly in ingredients fresh from Umbria weekly) are legendary on the Copenhagen culinary scene.
Era Ora (*star)
33B, Overgaden neden Vandet
Tel.: +45 3254 0693

Mads Refslund, chef, finally opened his own restaurant called MR. He has worked his way via The Paul, Noma and Kokkeriet and now has a place ‚where I have put my mark in every nook and cranny. What I want is to create a hothouse for the art of cooking.‘ The style is modern European with roots in the traditional Danish kitchen. It has been classified as „Rising Star“ in the 2006 edition of the Michelin Guide and in 2007 achieved its first star.
MR (*star)
5 Kultorvet
Tel.: +45 3391 0949

Outside of the city, Søllerød Kro, a historic coaching inn to the north of Copenhagen in Holte, is known for the unfussy, peerless quality cooking of chef Jakob de Neergaard. In 2007 Søllerød Kro was bestowed its first star.

Søllerød Kro (*star)
35, Søllerødvej
Tel.: +45 4580 2505

Other restaurants in high esteem are:

Close to Sankt Hans Torv in Guldbergsgade and opened in September 2006 is the gourmet restaurant KiinKiin (in Thailand this means ‚eat eat‘ or ‚come-and-eat‘ and is heard all over at mealtime). In the 2007 edition of the Michelin Guide Kiin Kiin got ‚rising star‘. From the restaurant there is a beautiful view over the Jewish Cemetery and the interior has been put in the hands of the group Panta from Bangkok, especially known for their organically formed furniture of bamboo and water hyacinth.
21, Guldbergsgade
Tel.: +45 3535 7555

Bo Bech has recently taken over Restaurant Paustian (rising star in 2007) and, apart from the title of chef on his visiting card, he would be right in adding inventor and alchemist. The magic that comes from his kitchen is such that even a blasé food critic is impressed.
Restaurant Paustian
2, Kalkbrænderiløbskaj
Tel.: +45 3916 6565

Kopenhagen ist von Deutschland leicht zu erreichen, ab Berlin fliegt easyJet , von Düsseldorf, Hamburg und Berlin Tegel fliegt Air Berlin .
Eine Übersicht über die Angebote der Linienflieger bietet Opodo

Der FEINSCHMECKER berichtet in seiner aktuellen Ausgabe (9.Mai 2007) über Bo Beck im Kopenhagener Avantgarde-Restaurant „Paustian“ – Bo Bech gilt als Erneuerer der dänischen Küche